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Welcome to Cuenca Living

If you are thinking about moving or retiring to Cuenca Ecuador or the surround areas you’re in the right place. We have tried to anticipate the kinds of information you will need in order to make an informed choice largely based on our own experience and the many expats we helped over the years who have made Cuenca Ecuador their adopted home.

Take advantage of the lessons we learned along the way of who to trust and as important, who not. 

Our commitment: to provide up to date accurate information about buying or renting real estate, moving to Cuenca Ecuador, opening or buying a business, what it takes to get a visa, shipping your household items, bringing your pets, retiring in Ecuador, what is available in the way of health care, cost of living and fun things to do including reviews of some incredible restaurants – our goal is to make your decision making easier by providing reliable information from people who live here.

We’ve been working with Gary and Merri Scott for a number of years and have been acting as their local representatives for US based Ecuador Living. Recently we agreed that having an additional online presence located in Ecuador made sense – hence Cuenca Living

If you would like to come for a visit and see first hand what Cuenca and the surrounding area is like, we’d be happy to arrange either a group or private tour. Letting us make all the arrangements is the easiest way to learn whether Cuenca is the place for you. We have, through trial and error, developed a network of bi-lingual professionals including attorneys, doctors, dentists, real estate brokers, relocation experts, drivers and travel agents that we have come to know and trust.

If after looking around, you still have questions or suggestions, please Contact Us.

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Articles about Cuenca Ecuador


Ecuador to end government subsidies for LP gas and gasoline

by Stephen Milden President Rafael Correa, in his weekly TV broadcast, announced on August 3rd that the government will end natural gas subsidies by 2016. The date is predicated on the new hydroelectric projects being completed. There are eight new and or expanded hydro electric plants in the works that will provide excess capacity allowing the surplus to be sold to Colombia and Peru. In … [Read More...]


Cuenca’s Coopera shut down and ordered liquidated

By Stephen Milden Coopera, which is a Cuenca based food and financial cooperative, was shut down by the Economía Popular y Solidaria (SEPS) and it’s assets liquidated. News spread quickly and customers lined up outside the various Coopera locations hoping to withdraw their money. Initially withdrawals were limited to $5,000 but on Tuesday June 11th the amount was reduced to $3,000 with promises … [Read More...]

International Flights direct to Cuenca?

  Since the new airport opened in Quito on February 20th, a great deal of controversy has ensued largely due to it’s location in the Tababela parish approximately one to one and half hours driving time outside of Quito. The old airport was only minutes from downtown and as such allowed people from Cuenca needing to do business in Quito the easy option of flying up for the day. Now they face … [Read More...]

Cuenca Ecuador can be a way to avoid standing in front of the train

The following article written by Simon Black of Sovereign Man caught my attention this morning. As someone no longer living in the US and being bombarded with mainstream media’s version of the news, I was appalled to read what the government is up to these days. If you are one of the few who find the land of the free not to be heading in a direction that you’re comfortable with,  perhaps it’s … [Read More...]


Ecuador’s Economic Refugees – by Stephen Milden

When you think of economic refugees what comes to mind? Boat people trying to escape horrific economic oppression from Africa or Asia or the mid-East? Never heard of Eskimos from the Galapagos before but … Investopedia defines Economic Refugee as, “A person who leaves their home country for a new country, in search of better job prospects and higher living standards. Economic refugees see … [Read More...]


Mortgage Financing Now Available to Expats in Ecuador

  For many people moving to a new country and buying a home is predicated on selling their property wherever they came from. This has been increasingly difficult in recent years because of economic conditions which has affected real estate resulting in many people having to rent or buy something much less suitable than they would like. The good news is that Cuenca Finance is now in … [Read More...]


Ecuador 2013 Elections

On Sunday February 17th Ecuador will hold national elections the main focus being on the Presidency. It’s thought that Presidente Raphael Correa will win again despite protests by many indigenous leaders claiming that Correa has sold out to the Chinese by allowing exploration for oil and mining precious metals such as gold without regard to the environment. In an article written by Alexander … [Read More...]


Fine Dining in Cuenca Ecuador

One of the many reasons we chose Cuenca was the variety of wonderful restaurants. Since our first trip over 5 years ago, the number of places to enjoy fine dining has increased substantially. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some of our favorites. Xavier with one of his signature desserts This week the focus is on a new restaurant opened by a returning Ecuadorian. Xavier Vizcaino spent 14 … [Read More...]


Ecuador’s Artisans

One of the many things we love about Ecuador is the fact that people make things here. We know the names of the craftsmen who made our furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, etc. which is very different than going to Home Depot or Levitz Furniture. We were able to design each piece and got something hand made of great quality. In each area of Ecuador there seems to be one thing the people … [Read More...]


Is it time to celebrate the New Year in Ecuador or the Old Year?

By Stephen Milden For most of the world it’s time to celebrate the coming new year. In Ecuador it’s quite different. Here the end of the year is what is celebrated and in ways you might find strange. What you see above are effigies or dummies that, starting the day after Christmas, are set on fire and burned for good luck. For most of us burning something in effigy is typically done with ill … [Read More...]