Cuenca Real Estate Listings

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There is no real estate MLS or central listing service in Ecuador although there is a soccer MLS. There are a few websites that claim to offer MLS, but they only offer a few listings and nothing coming close to a true MLS as we know it from the US. This is largely due to the culture. Often listings are kept private because exclusive listing agreements are virtually non-existent. So in order to know what is available, a local network is vital. We’ve made arrangements with some local brokers we trust that are either related to or seem to know almost everyone. If they don’t already have what you are looking for, they’ll find it and do so with enthusiasm.

We don’t get involved in real estate in part because we are gringos and feel it’s best to let locals handle things like this. There is a better likelihood they will get a price much lower than you or I would if we knocked on the door of a house with a Se Vende (For Sale) sign in the window.

To see what’s currently available or to ask about a property that you may have seen elsewhere, click here. It will take you to another website so before you go, please bookmark us or subscribe to our Newsletter to keep up with what’s going on in Ecuador.